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Electrical work including wiring, re-wiring, receptacles, dimmers, electrical wiring assessment, electrical service call installations, residential electrical, commercial electrical, repairs, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, recessed fixtures, switches, appliance circuits, dedicated circuits, new construction, remodel wiring, troubleshoot electrical circuit, and electrician same day service, 

this is T.E.C. electrician Dothan, AL  area.

T.E.C. Electrician considers safety, live voltage, electrical loads, amperes, wattage, inductance, capacitance, resistance, impedance, and electrical conductors during electrical installations. Regarding electricity, protection items such as sizing of circuit breaker, conductors, cables, receptacles, switches, light bumps, lamps, voltage, amps, fixtures, and other electrical equipment and wiring devices are important electrical system factors. Electrical specifications, equipment nameplate rating, engineer drawings, electrical codes, and customer electricity needs are utmost important and applied requirements.

Electrical contractors and electrician best installation and safety practices are what T.E.C. Electricians strives to be, servicing Dothan Wire Grass neighborhoods and communities.  

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